Book Show Bag, By Brooke

This  term  are  grade  5/6N  has  been  working  on  a  project  also  known  as  book  show  bags  we  are  choosing  our  own  favorite   book  that  we  think  other  people  will  read  and  enjoy.I  have  chosen  Dork  diaries  because  it  is  easy  to  read  its  a  chapter  book  and  the  pictures  give  you  a  good  idea  of  what  your  reading  I  have  do’n  six  tasks  on  my  project  and  next  term  I  only  need  to  do  two  more.Dork  diaries  is  about  a  16  year  old  girl  named  Nikki  Maxwell  and  she  left  her  old  school  and  went  to  a  new  one  WHC  is  the  name  of  the  school  and  settling  in  is  not  so  easy  with  mean  girl  Mackenzie,Mackenzie  acts  like the  queen  bee  and  Nikki  is  the  mouse. 

Book Show Bag!

These past few weeks my grade has been working on book show bags.

A book show bag is a show bag about a book that is trying to persuade other to read it.

The book I am trying to persuade other to read with my book show bag is Marley a dog like no other by John Grogan.

So far I have successfully completed the front cover, blurb, significant scene and tonight I am going to finish my alternative ending for the book show bag.

You should really check out and read the book Marley a dog like no other by John Grogan and even watch the movie I think you will love it!

Marley a dog like no other is a story about a golden Labrador. They adopt him when he is eight weeks old and he is tiny.He is a very joyful, cheeky and naughty dog/puppy. At the end of the story he gets put down because his stomach had twisted and he was in pain.

My Book Show Bag

At our school we are working on a project. We need to write things like our own blurb, a crosword, and character cards. There are 8 activities to complete. Our goal was to complete 4 compulsary tasks, by this term. I have made that goal and I know others have too. In fact I have completed 5! We all have to write it in our own words because if you copy from someones book, then that is copyright.

Here is some of the work I have done.


Everyone that goes to see Fletcher has been forced and threatened with blackmail and kidnappings. But Tom Baker has lost something. It turns out to be a lucky charm, which is a pig’s foot. The same one  Sir Donald Bradman used to get an average test match score of 99.94. Without the pig’s foot Tom hasn’t scored a single run.

A lucky charm that turns even the worst sportsman into an all time superstar. That means the pig’s foot can be deadly in the wrong hands. Does that mean Fletcher Smith will have to be involved in some dangerous games?


Dumbstruck: Temporarily lost of speech.

Escapology: The skill of escaping from handcuffs or chains.

Gesture: A movement or action that expresses what a person feels.

Mangled: Damage something by crushing or cutting it roughly.

Broad: Large across or wide.

Inflatable: Something that is able to be blown up with air.

Overgrown: To grow too large for, or outgrow.

Rustle: To make a soft, small sound.

Dachshund: A German breed of dog, having short legs, a long body and long ears, with a  tan or tan and brown coat.

Forensics: The art of argumentation and debate.

Shrivel: To contract and wrinkle, because of huge heat, the cold, or from being dry for too long.

Incredulous: Showing disbelief through expression in something.

Somersault: An acrobatic flip, either forward or backward, through the air.

Supplements: Something added to complete something, or to extend to make it larger.

International: Involving more than one nation in something.


Fletcher and Frank look at the menu. There were no smoothies on there. They normally would not go to the bar but they were meeting someone. Here he comes, then Fletcher walks up I always knew you knew about Crosby and the pig’s foot. “Here is that treasure you have been looking for!” said Fletcher.

He then opened the lid, “Pig’s foot, medium rare.” But what came out, was not a pig’s foot, but a pair of chicken’s feet!

“I’ll get you one day Smith!” But Fletcher had know idea what was going on. “I told you Frank, where did you put it?”

“I might have given to my nephew for his game of cricket.” said Frank hopelessly.

“Again? Fine then he can just use it for this game. But then give it back, i’ll dispose of it quickly.”

“Great idea, Fletcher I agree.”

 At school we are able to buy books at the library. After we are all done we will display it there for all of the school to see! I am so happy there is going to be people seeing my great work.

Letter Writing!

Hello again,

I am writing a new post to you about a letter that I wrote when I was in Mr Kelly’s grade for around about 2 hours.

What I did while I was there was many things but one of the things that I did that stood out for me was……
Writing a letter for my buddy and making an envelope for the letter to go in.

I thought the letter that I wrote for my buddy was really nice, I gave her advice on what skills she could use in grade one when different occasions happen for her and hopefully if she is caught out in one of these occasions that these skills work for her.

I wrote this letter in my best hand writing and I also drew a lovely picture on the front of the envelope that I made.

I hope when she is in grade one next year that she enjoys reading the letter I wrote for her.



Book Show Bag

This term we have been given a project to do about our books.We could of done it with the book we are reading or a book that we have read.The book that I doing for Book Show Bag is “The Finals.”The authors names are  Deborah Abela and Johnny Warren”.The book is about soccer so I really recommend for students who like soccer to read the book. The book also has some tips about soccer. All together we need to do 9 or 10 activities but this term we only needed to do 4. I chose to do a front cover,  a different blurb, a  dictionary of at least 10 words and their meanings and a wordsearch and I have finished all of them.I am really proud of my effort and my work. I have really enjoyed doing this project and I recommend other teachers to do this project with their students.


Book Show Bag By Amie


At school at the moment our grade is working on a project on a book we have read in the past. We are making a book show bag. In this show bag we are making lots of things that are to do with the book.  For example we are making a front cover, blurb, character cards, dictionary words and loads more. Our aim is to try and get other people to read the book we are working on.

I have found this project very fun because I love reading and I get to use my creativity on how I want things to look. The book I am doing my show bag on is called The Brer Rabbit Collection by Enid Blyton. This book is about a character named Brer Rabbit that loves to play trick and set traps for his friends. It is a really funny story and I really enjoyed reading it and that is why I chose to use it for my project.

So far I have done four out of seven of the compulsory tasks. After I have finished all of the compulsory tasks we are aloud to do some of the optional tasks. Some of these are making your own game or researching the author. I am going to do both of these.

Well that is the project we are doing at the moment, and I am really enjoying it.

Book Showbag

Hello everybody my name is Suvi and I would like to talk to you guys about my book showbag. Book showbag is one of the things I am doing in class. A  book showbag is a bag which has a lot of cool and amazing things and facts about a book. The book I am doing is Matida by Roald Dahl. I love the book Matilda because it never gets old and I read it again and again and again. I love to work on my showbag because it is really fun. It does not feel like work to me.

Book Showbag

This term and next term 5/6N are doing a project called a book show bag. A book show bag is a paper bag that you have to fill up with things on a novel that you chose I chose the hobbit because it is my favourite book of all time.  There are about 6 compulsory tasks that you have to do one example is to create a front cover for your show bag or you can make a blurb but you had to choose four compulsory tasks and finish them by the end of term. I chose to do the front cover,the blurb,the dictionary and the character cards so far i have finished everything but the pictures on the character cards. tonight i have to draw the pictures on the character cards because tomorrow we have to show Mrs Naismith our four compulsory tasks.

Book Show Bag!

Hello everyone,

Here is an update on what we are doing in class.

We are doing……………………………………….

A wonderful BOOK SHOW BAG!

It is great fun to do.

This is how it works:

I had to choose a book to focus on and the book I chose is called “Dog Tales”, you also get given a brown paper bag which is used for the show bag of course but you have tasks to complete to make every thing look great and “fancy dancy”.

We get given compulsory tasks and optional tasks and here are the compulsory tasks that I have done so far:


Word Search

Front Cover


Significant Scene

Alternative Ending

Those are the 6 tasks out of seven tasks I have done for compulsory tasks, and it sounds like to me that I don’t have to do any work on the holidays because I am a bit to far ahead, but that is because I love to do this and I want to do it all the time!

Also I have done 1 optional task out of many and it is:

Information on the author.

And my author is Emily Rodda.

I am not sure if you have heard of Emily Rodda but she has written many children’s novels.

Anyway my book show bag is coming along very nicely and I will give you an update on how it is going later, as my teacher Mrs Naismith says this will be a living post, which means this post will go for a while most likely until after I have finnished my book show bag and done my presentation.






Discovery Day: High School Visit

All of the grade 5 students went to Fountain Gate Secondary College. My friend Ewan and I had to be in Miss Tan’s grade it was really awesome because we got to do science first, I explained to the teacher that I want to be a physicist and get the Nobel prize in physics (the Nobel prize is the highest award in science) and be really smart. Anyway, next we did IC, I sat next to my friend Eric and we worked together we got most of them right (except for Queen Elizabeth the II’s last name) but that is because we did’nt find them all. After that we basically went back to school.