Visit,Visit and Visit

Student Blogging Challenge 9

This is challenge 9 where I had to visit different peoples blogs….

Game 1

Today I visited Bailee’s Blog, Sonvi’s Blog and Maddy’s Blog.

I commented on Bailee’s Blog on a post about her dads job because it was very sad and I had never seen a post like that before.

I commented on Sonvi’s Blog on a post called Sonvi’s Awesome Page! because I like reading pages all about people and seeing what their intrests are. P.S. I found out what we have in common, we have both been dancing for 7 years.

I commented on Maddy’s Blog on a post all about jaguars because I found the post very interesting seeing there was quite a few facts in the post.

Game 2

Today I also visited Miss Merrybeau’s Class and Mrs Nortons Class Blogs I also commented on their blogs.

I think some of the most interesting post are Abbey’s post 10 Of My Favourite Things, I also liked Miss Norton’s post about the inspiring Caine’s Cardboard Arcade and last but not least I have got to say I liked Em’s post about her Most Interesting And Favourite Posts.

2 thoughts on “Visit,Visit and Visit

  1. Hi Kiah, Thank you for commenting on our blog. We like the virtual tortoise that your class has on this page.
    We had a chick at Easter, but we found it noisy and distracting so we sent it back to the virtual pet shop 😉 Your tortoise is much less hyperactive!
    Hope you have a good week and thanks again.

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