Asian Expo!

On Tuesday the 26th of March all the grades 3-6’s had their Asian expo. Each grade had been researching all about one Asian country.Seeing my grade is a composite grade we got split into groups the fives and the sixes, the grade sixes researched about Malaysia whilst the grade five researched Thailand.Each grade got a chance to visit each classroom to see the other students work.I saw a lot of great work.

My most favourite part of the day was seeing my teacher Mrs Naismith ( i am so glad she can walk now).

Meeting My Cute Buddy!







On the 18th of February Gemma and I met our prep buddy Kendra. She looks just like me, some people even said we looked like sisters. She has tan skin, hazel eyes and brunette curly hair. She is so cute and so tiny .Her favourite colours are pink, purple and green. She loves colouring and she is very good at it too!
Looking at her made me remember when I was in prep. I can’t believe it has been seven years since I had started at Berwick Lodge!

P.S. I love having a prep buddy!.


Science Works Excursion

On Friday the 15th of March all the grades of the grade 5/6 area went to Science works for an excursion it was great.I was in my dads group with Abbey and Amie, YAY! First of all we went to the Megawatt Exposition it was awesome because we got to touch everything and make things work.Then we had recess.After recess we went to the Planetarium to see the Problem with Pluto. I loved the Planetarium the most because it felt like you were actually in space. The man showed us how to see all the zodiac symbols and the southern cross in the sky.Then we went to the Auditorium to see the show The Earth, Moon and the Sun. The speaker told us about sizes of the earth compared to the sun and the moon. I loved how Scienceworks was hands on because we got the feel of how science works.