Meeting Buddies

On the 18th of February, we all got to see our buddies for the first time. My big buddy (Brook), a few other people and I all when to 6T’s (Miss Tappey) grade and there she handed out little buddy bears to her class and my class. Then we all went to PK’s (Mrs Kings) grade, my buddy’s name is Astrid she is so cute and wasn’t afraid to talk to others. Everyone got a buddy bear to colour in it was a bit hard to colour over her but I manage to fit a few stars. I can’t wait to see her again.

Meeting Our Prep Buddies! By Caeden

My buddies name is Jesse. He wears glasses and has blonde hair. My buddy is very talkative and talked alot about colours. He said he liked blue and he did not like pink or black. He also didn’t like purple but wanted to use it for his colouring in picture of buddy bear. I also gave him a purple buddy bear! He said he saw it behind our back. He thought he was really smart. He was very funny. He wasn’t taking care of the zoomers at the start but then he stopped after I asked him to. I share my buddy, Jesse, with Lockie. My buddy and I had a great time together.

Meeting My Prep Buddy!

On the 18th of February all the grade 6 ers 5/6N went to meet our buddies in the prep area and my buddies are Erin and Paige. Paige is really cute, she is really good at coloring-in and she is really shy, so Erin and I couldn’t get much out of her but thats ok. I think she was quiet because she was a bit scared. I was a bit nervous and anxious going to meet my buddy because I’m in grade 6 and I am the oldest and need to set a good example so that was hard. I got the thought out of my head because I was with my buddy. Me and Erin helped Paige to color in the Better Buddy Bear but it was so hard for me to sit at the table because my legs were too big to fit under the table so in the end I  sat on a stool and I stopped coloring- in so that Erin can have a go because I think this is the first time that she has had a buddy. It is really good to have a buddy to look after because it gives you lots of responsibilities like taking care of your buddy if they need help with some thing, also it teaches you to be kind  to people and it teaches you good social skills because you are making good comunication with people.
So I really liked meeting my buddy and I am sure Erin enjoyed it aswell. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

You Be The Star Circus!! By Ewan

On the Tuesday twelfth of Feb we had the You Be The Star Circus at our school. We were split into three groups and we had three things to do. First we had to do the spinning plates .I got the hang of it at first but then I lost it. Secondly we did the diablos it was really easy and it was fun and then I did the jumping, I could not get the jumping right. Thirdly we did the spin sticks this one was the best I got the hitting side to side. Later in the gym we saw a performance of everyone that was selected.

My Cute Buddy!


I am going to tell you about my cute buddy Ava.

When Amy and I met our prep buddy for the first time she was a little shy, Mrs King (Ava’s teacher) gave them a picture of a buddy bear and they had to colour it in and because Amy and I gave her a buddy bear that was purple she wanted to colour her picture buddy bear in purple to so she did.

Half-way through colouring in Mrs Naismith asked for a photo and we got a really nice photo with Ava and after that we chatted to her while she was colouring in and I am pretty sure she was happy and I was happy to.

I had a great time with my buddy!

You Be The Star Circus Act

On Tuesday 12th of Feb the classes in the 5/6 area  went to do a circus work shop. The guys who came were really good at circus skills and their names were Lindsay and Richie. Lindsay was really good at the diablo and he had his customized one and he showed us how to do the diablo and it was quite easy to do if you just get the hang of it all you do is slide it straight on the floor and when its spinning  you tap it with the stick and the string and it starts to spin more and then if you want to you can pull the string apart and then the diablo springs up then you try to get it on the string again but this is a very trick to do. Then there was the super spin sticks, they were the only easy ones all you do is get two sticks and you place the super spin stick on the two sticks and the you try to roll the sick down on to your arms and this trick is super easy. Then you try to bounce the stick up in the air then you try to catch it on the two sticks and then your done. Another thing is the spinning plates with the spinning plates you just basically get a stick with a point on the end and in the plate there is a little dip in the plate so the stick can balance the plate on top. You just get the plate on the stick then you spin the plate with your fingers then you have mastered the spinning plates.   

You Be The Star Circus By Amie

On the 12th of February this year all of the grade 5/6 team got involved in the “You Be The Star Circus” that came to Berwick Lodge for a day. The first thing we did was go to the gym where all the circus equipment was set up and two people named Linzy and Richie came and told us what to do. They showed use how to use the equipment and some of the tricks you can do with then. Next they split us up into three groups and we all started playing and using the equipment. The first piece of equipment I used was the diablos. They were so fun! I got it spinning a few times but a couple of times they got tangled. The second  piece of circus equipment we used was the spine sticks. I could do many of the tricks with the spine sticks, and I really enjoyed using them. I even nearly perfected the tick tock , which was a really really hard trick. The finale piece of equipment we used was the spinning plates. They were really fun! A few times I threw the plate up in the air and caught it on the stick with it still spinning. Half way through I had to use my finger instead of a stick because I gave it to some one who didn’t have a stick. It still worked with my finger. It was great. I really had a lot of fun with all of the circus equipment and I hope to do it again some time.

Buddy Day

On the 18th of February,I was partnered up with Blaise.We were partnered up with our new prep buddy. Her name was Paige she had pail skin and blonde hair.She seemed a bit shy but I can’t wait to get to know her.She had neat colouring,then just as she picked a book called, when I’m angry… We had to leave she gave Blaise and me a big hug. It was a fun day I can’t wait to see her again.








On Monday  the eighth of February  we meet our prep buddys for the first time. I shared my prep Buddie with Ceaden our buddy’s  name is Jessie.  We gave him the better buddy bear. He was very silly. He hit us with zoomers 

My Buddy

Hello 5/6N, Today Nathan and I got to meet our buddys.Our buddys name is Manat and she is five years old. Manat is a girl and she is in Prep K. Nathan and I are lucky to get such a nice buddy.Her favourite colour is purple and pink.We had a great time to get to know our buddy.I am looking forward to spending more time with my buddy.