Grade 6 Highlights!

Thus year has been great I know that I’m going to miss Berwick Lodge. I’ve had many highlights over the past 12 months so I’m ging to say a few. First off is the MCG & National Sports Museum excursion. I loved that excursion purely because I’m so into sport. Also I loved Lightning Prem. Both Winter and Summer. We were in the grand final for both. But, sadley we only won 1.

Highlights of 2012 6N

This year in grade six has been a great year with my teacher Mrs Naismith and my class mates. Some of the highlights have been meeting new friends and talking to new people. I have also enjoyed my teacher Mrs Naismith, she has been a great teacher and has taught me a lot. Being in grade six is also great because you are the roll model of the school and have a lot of responsibilities, and you dont have to be babied anymore. I have also enjoyed the buddy program, because its been fun spending time with my buddy. i have really enjoyed being in grade six and will miss this school next year.

my high lights otf this year

This year has been the best year only because of being grade 6 I liked being in grade 6 only because I have had an awesome teacher Mrs n. we all have had a great year with the camps and all the excursions. I have 3 high lights this year my 1 and favourite one is summers camp. 2 I have also enjoyed going to sovereign hill witch was our 5/6 camp.3 my last and final high light is going to lightening prem and almost winning it, but the girls team got the  premiership flag.

My 2012 year in 6N……

In my year in 2012 with Mrs.Naismith has been very fun but my favorite part of the year was proberly when we made the volcanoes. It was my favorite part because it was really easy and really fun to make. All we had to do was make a cone  but we had to make it evan and to me is harder then you think. When we finished making the cone we got one egg cup and put it on the top of the volcano. When we did that we took our volcano outside and we put bi-carbed soda then we put food dye over the bi-carbed soda, then we put viniger in and it went BOOM!! The stuff went everywhere. That is way this was my favorite thing we did this year in 6N.

Highlights of 2012 6N

This year has been fantastic. My favourite part of the year was definately winning soccer at lightning prem in term 2. Even though I didn’t score doesn’t mean that I didn’t play well. The whole team played great games. We finished first overall being undefeated. Struan had the best shot of the day. He shot from almost halfway and it slammed into and rattled the post! I was also proud when the LEEP Debate Team won the International debate. I have enjoyed doing science experiments, lightning prem in term 4, divisional soccer and playing soccer and footy at recess and lunch. Overall I will miss Primary School and I hope to have great year in year 7.

This Year

This year of Primary School is my last year then I will be going to Berwick Secondary. This year has been really fun with all the projects and experiments that we have done. Some of my highlights of the year were Lightning Prem, going to Somers Camp was really fun as well because we made lots of new friends and we got to do lots of activities like the giant swing, the flying fox, high ropes course, abseiling and rock climbing and heaps more. Another highlight is going to Soverighn Hill for camp and going down into the mines and mine panning. the food we had was also really nice. I have a lot more highlights but there the main ones.