Lightning Prem – Basketball

On the 14th of November 2012, I went to Lightning Prem along with my school and other schools. I was playing basketball with a great group of guys. When we got there we had to run to the courts or else we would of missed our game,. We had time to train and practise with the boys and girls. Our first game was against Maramba Primay School. We played a great first half with the scores being 9 – 10. The next half began and we came out fighting with enthusiciasm. We were getting goal after goal. At the end of the game the score was 21 to 14. We smashed them in our first game. Next we versed Berwick Fields. Berwick Fields came out fighting, but we did to. It was a close game. The final seconds, the ball came to me and with one second left I shot the ball to win the game and missed. I was shattered and we lost by one point, 11 – 10.

We had a lunch break. After the lunch break we played aganinst the state basketball team. We played surprisingly well and only lost by 17 points. All in all we hada fun game. The girls team won all there games and advanced into the finals, they were lucky enough to come out with the win. I felt happy for them to be the 2012 Lightning Prem Girls Basketball Team Winners. I had a great day, and I would like to thank Mrs Garrett for taking us on the day. Everyone played exceptionly well.

Lightning Premiership Report!

Yesterday, the 14th of November my team and I went to Lightning Prem.! We played basketball. It was an awesome day and I believe my performance was great.  I got a good few goals. The scores were:

Game 1- Maramba- 24 – 12 –  in our favour!

Game 2-Berwick Fields- 36 – 6 – in our favour!

Game 3 – Berwick P.S- 36 – 0 in our favour!

After winning all three of games we were through to the GRAND FINAL!!

Grand Final-Oatlands P.S- 23 – 14 – in our favour!!!

The day was successful and hearing Berwick Lodge Primary School called out as the winning team was amazing!

Lightning Premiership

On the 14th of November some of the grade 5/6 students went to the lightning prem. I played volleyball, unfortunately we didnt win and we got smashed in every game. I would have wanted to win but thats ok because i had a good day, and had fun playing the game and playing the other schools. I would like to thank Mrs Fischer for taking us on the day. I had a good day and had a fun time playing volleyball.

Summer Lightning Premiership

Lightning Prem was on Wednesday the 14th of November, and I was chosen to play in the girls basketball team. We played at Cranbourne and where up against Maramba, Berwick Fields, and Berwick Primary.

Our first game was against Maramba. We were excited for our first game and were ready to go. One of our players had gotten very sick and therefore had to go home. That left us with 9 players for the day, however that didn’t matter because we had won 24-12. We were all very happy with ourselves, and we made sure that everyone had gotten a goal.

The second game was against Berwick Fields, and we won that game 36-6.

The last game was against Berwick Primary, and we had to win that game to get into the Grand Final, because they had beaten the other teams aswell. It wasn’s as tough as we thought, because they’re best player had gotten injured at the very start of the game and we won 36-0. That had mean we got into the Grand Fianl.

In the Grand Final we played against Oatlands, and they were a tought team, as all of us had expected. The game was tough, and the rest of the schools were watching our game. But we were determined to win the flag, and we got what we wanted, and won 23-14.

We came home with a blue flag, and big smiles on our faces. We had won the Summer Lightning Premiership’s Girl Basketball Competition… we were CHAMPIONS!!