My Holiday’s!

Dear Mrs. Naismith,

I am just going to tell you a little bit about my holiday’s.Well, my holiday’s were pretty boring up until the second week but on Wednesday of the first week of holiday’s I went up to buxton to see my nanny and grandad, I stayed there for 4 days.On monday of the second week my aunty went to the Melbourne Show and she brought 2 showbags my favourite one was the ONE DIRECTION one!!!! She also brought home a Hubba Bubba showbag for me.

On Tuesday i went to the zoo. It was boiling hot, my favourite thing there were the giraffes and the elephants.I also reallly like the monkeys. later that night my sisters and i went to The Mexican House in berwick. It was so yummy. On the way home a songs called’ Battle Scars’ came on and my sister Haley loves that song so we had to go around the  round about just before my house so that we could hear the end of the song.

On Wednesday my sisters and i went to the drive ins to see the movie Madacasca. It was hilarious. My favourite charater is king Julian.

On Thursday i went shoppign with Steph,grace and ebony. I brought 3 pillow pets. the were the cookie monster, a giraffe and a frog. I also brought a ring. After i went to basketball training it was so hot the i could hardly move at the end.

On Sunday i tryed out for rangers basketball i got through to the second round.

I also heard about your hamstring and i hope ikt gets better soon. I hope to see you soon

From Ashleigh xx