Dissection Of A Sheep’s Heart

On Tuesday the 11th of September, we dissected a sheep’s heart, because in class we were learning about the Circulatory System. We were in groups of 2-3 and we got a heart, plastic plat and knife per group. Not every heart was the same, because it depended on hot the butcher cut the heart. I was working with Ashleigh and our heart had been sliced in the middle. It was a dark red/brown colour and we could see the artery and veins on the outside. on the inside, when we cut into it, we could see the 4 chambers of the heart:

  • The Right Atrium
  • the Left Atrium
  • The Right Ventricle
  • and the Left Ventricle

The smell was gross and we found little blood clots in our heart. It was pretty gross and disgusting, but it was cool to dissect a sheep’s heart.