Making a neuron

On the 30th of August we made a neuron with Miss Fraser she showed us how to do it materiels we needed was 4 cotton balls,1 pipe cleaner,9 beads,patty pan case and a coloured piece of paper First you have to make a big circle full of glue then tease up the cotton wool balls and stick them down secondly stick your patty pan case in the middle of the cotton balls and that will be your nucleus then put your beads on your pipe cleaner and put your pipe cleaner just in front of your cotton wool and stick one end through the paper then at the end of the paper stick the over end through then all you have to do is draw your axon endings and dendrites then label them all and that is how you make a neuron. A neuron is a part of nerve system and it helps send messages to the brain.

Making a neuron

Today on the 30th of August, We made a neuron. The neuron we made was made out of 4 cotton balls, Black pipe cleaner, 9 Beads and a patty pancase. It was very fun and exciting to make. The idea was from Miss Fraser. Miss Fraser will be helping our class for 3 weeks. It was a very intelligent idea. Then we had to wait for it to dry. By the time it dryed it was recess time. Neurons are everywhere in your body. They can form up to make a nerve. Nerves are a thing that make certain part of your body move when your brain sends the message to them.

Making a Neuron (Nerve Cell)

Today the 30th of August we made a neuron. A neuron is a nerve cell that sends messages to the brain and from the brain to the body. To make a neuron you have to get 4 cotton balls, 9 coloured beads, a coloured patty pan, a black pipe cleaner, a coloured a4 piece of paper and a dark texta. First you have to stick down the cotton balls into a circle then paste the patty pan in the middle of all the cotton balls, then you have to put the coloured beads onto the pipe cleaner in groups of three, then you draw the dendrites and the axon ending, once you have done all that you have to label it. This is what everything is called, dendrites, cell body, nucleus, myelin sheaths, axon and the axon ending. I think this activity was fun. Something i have learnt about the nervous system is what a neuron is

Book Week Dress Up Day

On Friday the 24th of August, everybody was invited to dress up as their favourite book character to celebrate Book Week. I dressed up as the Cat in the Hat written by Dr. Seuss. Everybody looked amazing! Later in the afternoon, we got to visit our prep buddies. We got to read them our favourite picture story book to them and then we got to listen them to read their favourite book. My buddy, Holly, was dressed up as Lola from the Charlie and Lola book series.  My buddy wanted me to read both of the books so we began to read our books. My buddy loved her story about Charlie making Lola imagining that tomatoes and other foods that she didn’t like other things like unicorns, green grass and bouncy balls. It was quite a good story. We didn’t have time to have a listen to the Cat in the Hat but throughout the day, I had lots of fun! Especially reading Holly’s favourite book to her.


Making A Neuron (Nerve Cell)

Today the 30th August 2012, we made a Neuron. To make a Neuron you need an a coloured A4 piece of paper, a coloured patty pan, 4 cotton balls, 9 beads and a black pipe cleaner. Neurons help transmit messages to the brain. Neurons are made up of an Axon, Axon Ending, Dendrites, Myelin Sheath, Cell Body and the Nucleus.

Book Week 2012

Many of Grade 6N dressed up to celebrate 2012 Book Week today. There was Willy Wonka, Hermione, Cat in the Hat, Little Red Riding Hood and the Queen of Hearts. We even had the Guinness Book of Records World Record Holder for the day!  Congratulations to everyone who participated in the fun day.

visit from a paralympian

On wednesday 22nd of August 2012 all grade 5/6 students rushed into the gym in exitement knowing that we were going to talk,to a paralympian.He has competed at four paralympian he retaired at Athens in 2000 his name was john lidsay.He was born with a disabilite called spina bifida, he has been in a wheel chair for all his lifebecause all his messeges that the brain sends to the legs it cant reach so he cant walk he told us lots of stuff about the paralympics and I learnt lots of stuff here are some of the things I learnt. The paralympics was the 2nd most popular sport in the world,paralympics start two weeks after the Olympics ends, how they move with there wheel chair is they punch the wheels to move fastand lastly if they dont train hard they lose sponsorships and scholarships after he talked to us we watched some of his races and when he was winning every when would cheer but when he is losing everyone would say come on John and in one of his races he crashed and everyone said ouch. After that he showed us some of the medals he won they were awesome. At the end of the day I would say the speech it was just stunning.



Hoop time

On the 20th of August 2012 some grade 5/6 students went to hooptime. Hooptime is based on basketball. There were a lot of schools participating in this event. This event has always been pretty big for schools. It was being held at Cranbourne indoor centre. I was in future stars #3. My team mates were Ryan C, Devon J, Teneisha D, Briannah M, Kevin H and Alex K. Our coach for the day was Cathereine H. Our first game was against Narre Warren but they forfeited. Our next games were pretty good but we god dominated by one particular school. The allstar boys and girls won but the future stars #1 came runners up. All of the winners got a molten basketball. Our coach then bought our team a Icecream and then we went back to school. at school we waited for the bell to ring so we could just rest at home. My legs were killing me. At the the end of the day it would be very fun and joyful.

Visit from a paralympian!

On the 22nd of August 2012, we had a very special visit from John Lindsay. John is a past paralympian. Over 200 5/6 students got to see John, John has a disease called spina bifida. He competed in the 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004 Paralympic games. As we walked into the gym John wasnt there, There was so much talking happening but then John Lindsay wheeled in. As soon as we saw John it went very quite.  John was the 2nd cousin of Briannah Murphy in 6W. Mr Whitehead then introduced John and gave it to Briannah to tell us a bit about John. John was a paralympian. He had lots of things to talk about and medals to show. It was actually known as the parrallel Olympics. The reason it was named that is because through-out the games every person and countrie will be side by side. John then told us about what wheelchairs are needed for which sports. After John told us about the wheel chairs, He showed us a few short clips of him racing. In one of the races he had a bad incident and severley damaged his shoulder. He showed us a few more and no matter if John was losing or winning  the roar of the children was just incredible and made John smile. At the end of the speech he passed around his medals, And at the end of the day it was just electrifying!

MCG Excursion

MCG Excursion

On Monday the 23rd of July, 6N, 6K, 5T and 5C went on a school excursion to the MCG. The duration took approximately 45 minutes as we travelled by bus. At 10:00, we arrived at the MCG and we started to eat our morning tea. Once we got settled, we split into the two groups and got into our first activity. Our first activity was the tour of the MCG. We walked on the grounds while our tour guide, Ken, told us the history of the MCG. As Ken was talking, he also started to talk about the tele boxes and where each person is allocated to do their job. As part of the tour, we went to the players’ change rooms which we normally see on television. One of the things Ken talked about was that the floor was made out of used car tyres. That was amazing! We moved on to the cricket practice grounds. We saw a cricket player in the gym training. They were sweating like a mad dog. It showed us of how much work and training they put in to be a cricket player. As we moved upstairs, we travelled to the National Sports Museum. At the museum, we met an Olympian, did some interactive activities called ‘Game On’ and some exploring of the museum. Our first activity was exploring the museum. The museum had all the history of the games and some of the gold medals that some of the athletes donated. Claire Mitchell Taverner had some of her medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympics cabinet. Claire Mitchell Taverner was one of the hockey players on the Hockey Roos team. Claire was the olympian we met. She told us about of how she started to play hockey and all the sports she used to play when she was younger. Some of the sports she played was volleyball, tennis, Aussie Rules, basketball, netball and much more. She kept telling  about her early life when she was a kid and a lot about herself. At the end, we got to ask some questions and three lucky people got to get a certificate with her autograph on it. After the meet a olympian session, we moved onto the Game On centre. There was a lot of interactive activities such as kicking a football into the goals, trying to get the netball in the ring, shooting a bulls eye in archery, riding a bike in cycling and much, much more. At 1:00, we had lunch and stopped for a break and headed back to school. This excursion was a fun learning experience for me . I really enjoyed the Game On session and meeting an olympian. The whole MCG excursion was a great opportunity to do things that I wouldn’t have done in my life. Written by Shenelle 6N