Nine weeks left

Just  Nine weeks Nine weeks left of Berwick Lodge Peimary School. I am going to miss everyone so much all my friends and teachers. Work going to get harder and I have to make new friends and get use to all the new teachers. I am going to miss things like doing the film festival and doing radio show and all of those types of things.


This term our topic is Give Me A Voice. This means we will be looking at different types of voting and goverment.

On the 25th of October we had some teachers represent chocolate bars:

Mrs Naismith= Snickers! ūüôā

Mr Whitehead= Picknick ūüôĀ

Mr Kelly= Crunchy! ūüôā

Mrs Pope= cherry ripe :/

Mrs Harding= Mars bars :/


My J-Rock Experience!! (*)>

This year I participated in J-Rock. The theme was a Haunted House, becuse our music teacher Miss Planner. Said it will be easy to get in character. There was¬†four scences. They were Withces and Wizards, Ghosts and Zombies, Ghostbusters and Ghostets. I was a Witch but I changed to a Zombie but when¬†I found out what they were going to do to or hair I really didn’t want¬†to be a Zombie. We performed eleven times it was awsome! I would deffinitley recomend this next year for the grade fours, fives and sixes!

Show bag


In my show bag I am most proud of my character cards. I am proud of my character cards because they have lots of detail and explain all about the tools, weapons and gadgets

In my show bag I disliked the drawing tasks and the writing I am so bad at writing and drawing I am awful at.

Overall this was a fantastic task and I hope everyone else can do it too.


My J-rock experience

This year I was involved in J-rock 2011 Beautiful Monster.

We  had four big performances: 1st one was at school, 2nd one was at  Hisense Arena and the last two were at the film festival. I really enjoyed my experience in J-rock because I LOVE to dance as part of a group,

On the 15th of August 2011 the 90 performers in J-rock Beautiful Monster went on the bus to go to Hisense Arena to perform to over 5000 people.

It was after 6.30pm and we were getting ready to perform 3rd out of the 11 other schools there.

It wasn’t that scary actually, it was exciting to know that we had performed the best we could and that we were so good that we couldn’t do any better.

Our School walked away with 3 or 4 awards that night.

Michaela’s Showbag Achievement

One of the projects in term 3 was the showbag project, we got to choose a book to research and then complete the small tasks.

I was really happy and proud of myself when I completed my showbag task.  My book was Anna Flowers and I learnt heaps of things about the book and the author. I handed in the project on time because I spent my time efficently and I did extra work at home.

I was very pleased that I handed in my project on time and completed on time and that Mrs Naismith was happy with it. I would reccomend this project to others and other year levels.


Chloe’s showbag

100_6133Throughout term 3 6N worked on a book showbag. We had to choose a book and complete al diifferent tasks.

I was really proud of my self that I completed the showbag tasks about Diary of a Wimpy Kid  The Ugly Truth. I used my time well and completed some taks as homework. When I handed my work in I knew that i had nothing to worry about because I knew I had put my best effort into all of my tasks i completed.

The bit I enjoyed the most was drawing some of the scenes which was one of the tasks, I also liked it when we all got to see each others work.



Show Bag!!!

This year we did a Show Bag task on a book we have read and I really enjoyed it. It was quite hard to choose a book but I found the Coffin Club. What I got home I told mum and she liked the idea and she help me a bit. The next day I was away form school. Two days after that Jodie (Troy’s mum)¬†, troy and his brother came over after school to give me some homework from MrsN some of it was the Show Bag task and I got lots done at my grandads house. I really liked doing the Show bag task it was really fun to.

what i have achieved so far this year!!!

the year is nearly over and i have achieved alot we have done show bags, j-rock, camp,hoop time, hydro electric power project, making films, coaching a hoop time team and much more my favourite things were doing my show bag and hoop time and camp

this term i hope will be my best term because it is my last term at berwick lodge i am especially excited about my graduation. at the end of i the year i will be sad because i am the only one from berwick lodge going to Lakeside Luthern college  (i will miss all of my friends. Renee, Courtney,Vanessa and Eden )