Amy’s adventure story

one Day I got a really weird letter on my bed when I woke up, I opened it up and it said “if you want to finish your task you must complete the maze” I started thinking where would I have start then I looked at the back and it said ” p.s to start the maze go to your backyard and enter the door”.

I headed out to the backyard and walked through the gate , I keeped walking then suddenly the door behind me slammed shut I was a little scared but once I actually looked at the maze my mouth dropped all the way to my feet in shock of how big the maze was I started walking again while looking all around the maze then as looked behind me the bushes were closing up I started running down the track. As I was running i felt cold air on the back of my neck I slowly turned around and this massive dog was standing behind me I screamed and bolted down the path he keeped  chasing me until finally he was very tired and stopped but I didn’t stop I just wanted to get away from him even if he had stopped or not.

Suddenly I heard this voice in the distance saying “STOP!!! it’s a trap”,I was looking all around, then suddenly I fell down. It was a trap, I fell so far down I couldn’t climb back up. I started screaming ” HELP, help is anybody there HELP !!”. I was waiting for a very long time then I heard footsteps coming closer and closer. I looked up and all I could see was a shadow, it looked liked it was a person but I wasn’t sure, as I was looking at the shadow this rope fell down, I didnt know what it was for so I just climbed up it. As I got to the top of the rope next to me was this  girl. She was so nice I asked her what her name was and she said ” Ellie, my name is Ellie” I asked her if she knew the way out she said ” no im sorry but i would love to help you try and find the way out?”  ” sure ” i said.

As we walked on the bushes kept closing up behind us. I asked Ellie what is up with this maze, why are bad things happening to me then she said ” the reason why bad things are happening to you is because all bad things happen to those who enter ” I was definitely scared to run, but I didn’t.

There was a dead end up head but Ellie pointed another way which was the way out. I started running to the exit, i was so happy to finally get out. suddenly the massive dog that i saw earlier was there, I couldnt believe my eyes just as I was about to exit the biggest maze i have ever seen gone out the window. I asked ellie what do I do ? and she said ” I think it likes you ” I was thinking to myself what is she talking about, I closed my eyes and opened them and i woke up in my bed with my dog next to me. It was a dream all of it the dog the girl all a dream.

I had never really met the girl so i guess im back to my old life.

the end.

Tiarne’s Adventure Story

One day I went to a maze by my self because I was older enough to do stuff on my own. So I went there and I was looking at all the plants and weeds and some other stuff. The maze was super big.  There  was only to doors enter and exit . When I was half way in the maze I started to freak out because I started to get claustrophobic and really scared. So I was even scared to ask the people who were  there just in case they were mean and nasty. So I just kept on walking.

Then after a while I was still in there bowling my eyes out and no one was even helping me so then i new that I did the right thing and not ask them I’m lost. Then they just kept on steering at me so i just whipped my eyes and walked off. Then these people were looking and doing what ever I was doing so then i ran and I  was crying again. Then I sore a door I was so happy to get out of the maze.  So I ran up to that door and it was the toilet door I was so angry. Then I turned around and there was there was the exit door. So I ran out the door and I went home and when i got home  no one was home so I used the home phone to ring my parents. The first time I rang them they didn’t answer the second time they did and mum said I’m five hours away and I thought were at your friends house for the night then I said no then mum said just go to bed and then when you wake up I will be home I said OK then I will tell you what happens to me today.

Then I woke up in the morning mum was home I told her the hall story what happened to me and i said to mum i will never go somewhere bow my self again  then mum said lest your OK and safe that’s all what matters I said OK then I lived happily ever after.

Caleb’s Adventure Story

It was just an ordinary day when my friends and I were playing in the park when we noticed something different in the distance. We went over to investigate, we had found a row of large hedges, or that was what we thought. We kept walking further and found that it was more than just a row of them it was huge it kept going for miles. We decided to stay together because when people split up in movies someone always dies or something like that.
In the first few minutes we thought we were being followed so we kept watch, then we saw something very closely we watched then out of nowhere jumped out a giant spider, I suddenly felt something heavy in my hand I looked down and a sword appeared. I thought for a couple seconds should I run or should I try kill it after a short deliberation I decided that I would stay and try kill the spider. I had never realised how hard it was to kill a spider, I mean you couldn’t just squash this one. I slashed, Jabbed and fought with all my might then it faulted and I took my advantage and stabbed it in the back, it groaned then finally it lay dead. My friends were huddled together in fear, then as they heard the spider stop they looked up then saw me standing there. “Caleb how did you kill that beast?” said Ethan “It faulted and I took my advantage it was just my luck.” I said “Now come on let’s get out of here.”
As we tried to get out of there we found that the path had changed we had come to the thought that the hedges keep growing by the second. We kept trying to find where we got in to this mess but when we kept looking we just went further and further away. “How do we get out of here?” said Jake “Let’s just keep looking and hope we find our way out.” I said. By now we had been searching for hours and it was almost night, we could see the sun going down in the distance. We finally came to a conclusion to stop looking and just camp here for the night. “OK we’ve agreed to stay here the night so someone has to take watch just in case more creatures come for us.” I said “OK then I’ll take first watch.” said Jake. As night fell we could hear noises in the distance which definitely weren’t human. It had been 4 hours and Jake had woke Ethan to take the second watch. It was a bright night with the moon full, noises around breaking the silence every few minutes. It was now that Ethan woke me for my watch at 3:00 in the morning, it was now starting to become brighter in the surroundings. A couple minutes in to my shift I could see something in the distance coming towards me not walking but floating somehow on an object, I looked much closer and I realised that it was a broomstick and I thought it may be a witch because that superstition may be true.
As this supposed witch came closer she starting shooting this magical death ray type stuff, I ran over to wake Ethan and Jake, as they started to wake they noticed what was going on and hurried to their feet. They started to throw rocks at this witch. It was hopeless she just deflected them with her magic. I ran at her and with all my strength I struck her with the sword and she fell off her broom dead. “That was a close one.” said Ethan
The next day we had found the exit and got out of the maze safely and as we got out we turned around and the maze was gone. “Where did it go.” Said Jake “I don’t know but I’m glad it’s gone.” I said

J-Rock photos

100_5967100_5963100_5955100_5961100_5964100_5954 These are the J-Rock photos for 2011. It was a great performance. The story is based on a little girl called Megan who wants to play with someone, so she decides to knock on the door of number thirteen but then some loud thunder scares her and the doors open to some wizards which take her to their den. The music starts playing and the zombies, witches and ghostets come out to play. She is really scared by now so she calls the Ghostbusters. The ghostbusters come and inspect the house but find nothing. So Megan thanks them and they leave. But the creatures had so much fun singing and dancing with Megan they dont want her to leave so the head Wizard takes her and and they transform her into her own Beautiful monster!

Laura’s adventure Story

“Laura i have to go to the city to pick up Richard”, Said my mum, OK! i said.

“Ummm Laura can you close the door! please!”, Said Tiarne, that night Tiarne was at my house,because we were trying to finish our jelly fish project.

In an hour we were nearly finished and randomly Tiarne Said, “Laura I’m hungry!, “OK i will get something to eat”, I said,I walked to the door and tried to turn the doorknob when “BAM!” it BROKE!, Tiarne heard the noise and said “Oh my God Laura what did you do?!”, We started laughing for a very long time and after our laughing fit, I suddenly said, “How are we going to get out of here?”

We had a really awkward silence for five minutes and randomly we heard a noise and my mum talking, We started kicking the door really hard and screaming “HELP!”

“Laura, Tiarne!” mum screamed, “Where are you?” i’m looking through all the doors, but i can’t find you!!”, Then, She found my bedroom door and saw it was broken and opened it with a spoon!!

Adventure Story!

      A really good read for people who like VAMPIRES!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                 One summer day two girls one called  Bridget and the other Skye. Went to a intense jungle on Magnetic Island. To see there friends Brad and Mitch who invited to live with them.

So once they landed at the Magnetic Island’s Airport. Brad and Mitch met them at the airport and took them to there hut! Once the girls got settled and went out to explore the neighbourhood. They tacked up two horses one a Dusty Bay purebred Quarter Horse mare called Kasey and the other a Black purebred Quarter Horse stallion called Midnight. Then they heard a voice saying “Give me blood. Fresh BLOOD!”. Then another voice saying” DAAAAAAAD! Stop embarrising me infront of Alexander!”                                                                                                                                                                     “Ok lets go!” said Sky! So they were heading home. When we were half way home, the horses heard something. They spooked and bolted with the girls falling off them. Then the girls heard another girl chanting” New Fangs! Fresh Blood!’ six times. They tried to find the voice but just at that second Bridget and Skye got bitten by a couple  of VAMPIRES!!!!!!! They ran really fast because they were VAMPIRES!!!!!!!! When  they got home they saw the boys on the couches.

The girls leaned in and bit the boys on the neck. So in other words the boys were VAMPIRES to!!!! Then at that second all the people heard a scream because of the VAMPIRES!!! Bit the Mayor of Magnetic Island on the neck! All the people left on helicopters and aeroplans and left. They all rember it but never talk about it.

   THE END!!!!

Eden’s Adventure

They are the last ones. The last two Kleas’s on the face of earth. And it is our job to save them. Lara and I. So we set off. On the 15th December 2019 Lara and I packed our bags and got into the snow truck. Klea’s are snow eating animals and are very large. They have thick purple fur and are very rare. Their eyes are blue during the day but turn blood-shot red during the night.

“This is as far as I go,” said the truck driver. Lara and I hopped off the truck. We had a long adventure ahead of us.

“Common Lara! Hurry up!” I called to Lara. We had been walking for about an hour now and it was almost dark. “We will set up camp over here! Not long now.” I pointed at some ice up ahead.

“Okay Eden, I’m coming!” replied Lara. We walked a little further and then stopped. It was thin ice. We wondered whether to stop there or not.

“Looks risky,” said Eden.

“Well I’m not walking any further, so I think that we should put our tents up there,” complained Lara. So we did. By the time our tents were up and we had something to eat it was dark. We said goodnight and hopped into our sleeping bags.I was almost asleep wen I heard a loud crack. Followed by two more. I wanted to call Lara to see if she was alright but my mouth was sealed shut. I was petrified. I suddenly heard a loud scream followed by bubbles popping. I ran out of my tent to see a massive crack in the thin ice. Lara was gone. She fell through the crack in the thin ice. I was alone. In the middle of the North Pole and I knew that I could not fail to complete my mission.

“I’m going to have to move I’ll end up like Lara,” I thought to myself. So I packed up and set off.

I had been walking through the thick snow for 2 hours when I heard something. It sounded like a chicken/dragon.

“Klea’s!” I thought out loud. The sound came from a far away cave high in the mountains.

“I’m coming. Don’t worry,” I said into the icy cold air. Luckily, I had brought some rope. I would need it for the steep climb up the mountain. As I was stumbling up, I heard a soft grumbling noise from somewhere in the distance. I ignored it at first but as I got higher, the grumbling got louder. I got frightened. Then I saw a large cave a little further up. I thought that it must be were the Klea’s are until I heard the grumbling, louder than ever, coming from there. There was no way around it, I had to go past the cave. I trudged quietly up,up,up until I was standing at the entrance of the very large cave.

“What could possibly live in there?” I wondered. I would soon find out.

With a loud grumble a massive eight foot Makal Bear stepped, or should I say ‘stumbled’, out of the cave.

“Aaaaaaaaarrgghhhhhhh!” I screamed. I wanted to run, I couldn’t move though, I was so scared. It was injured. It had a nasty cut up its right leg. It was my job to help it but I knew only too well that Makal Bears are man-eaters and have Kleas for lunch. I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. So I didn’t. I grabbed my gun and shot it. Not dead, just in a deep sleep. It wouldn’t last long so I ran for it. I just kept running and running until I stopped at the cave where I heard the chicken/dragon noise come from.

Then I saw something that made me so happy I almost cried. I had done it. I had found them. The last two Kleas left on the face of the earth. I had completed my mission. I grabbed my mobile and called for the helicopter. I told them where I was and they came straight away. It was day time now and I could see the Kleas bright blue eyes. Boy, there they beautiful. I helped load them on the bottom of the helicopter which held a large crate. It was hard work but we did it. As I was flying back, I told my friends, Cammie, Vanessa, Tammie, Rachel and Amanda all about it. Everyone was so sad to here that Lara had died in such a horrible way but so excited to have finally saved the Kleas.

When we got back to my hometown in Berwick, we put the Kleas in an in closure together and hoped for a miracle. That was the adventure of my life though and I will never forget it.


R.I.P Lara 


Chloe R’s Adventure Story

Blog pic1Backyard Adventure

The wind was quickly blowing as me and Max ran towards the lake hopping the evil Dr Goggle wasn’t following us. Max barked to indicate Dr Goggle was gone.

“Max, where are we going to go now? All I know is that we can’t go back to the Bulldog Kingdom because Dr Goggle took your crown.” ” Woof.” Max was going to be king of Bulldog Kingdom. They only make a Bulldog the king so Max was voted king.

“Woof.” “You’re right Max, Dancesulvania would be the perfect place to hide if he’s out to get you, he won’t even think to go there!” I exclaimed.

“Woof.” Max agreed. “Here Max, you look hungry I’ve got a bone for you.” Max sat down waiting for the bone paitently. I handed him the bone and walked of to Dancesulvania.

It was a long walk from lake Illusion to Dancesulvania. At first Max was barking at every animal that we came across but after 3 minutes he learnt to get along with the other animals. “Max look, it’s Dancesulvania and looks like everyone is dancing!” “Woof woof!” ” I know Max, even the fish are dancing.”

Max and I walked through the town and sat down to have some lunch. ” Max, I have orded you the doggy dish. Are you o.k with that?” But Max wasn’t listening to me. Max’s doggy dish and my tuna sandwich had arrived and as soon as we were done we left town.

After hours of walking through all these different towns we returned to Bulldog Kingdom. Dr Goggle needed Max dead or locked away to be king. We entered Max’s castle.

Dr Goggle wasn’t there. We left the castle and asked one of the locals. ” Excuse me sir, were is Dr Goggle?” ” We locked him away in Tall Man’ Town jail.” He said. ” So can Max be king?” ” Yes.”

We ran to the castle and Max was crowned king. ” Chloe, time for dinner.”  Mum called. I wish Max and I had had a real adventure but I told mum anyway. She was amazed.



My Adventure Story

Getting to Queensland by Keely

My adventure began when everyone started traliling to Queensland, and I didt’n get to go. So I desided I would go on a hike to the Gold Coast with my dad. It will take us 10 days to get there.

My adventure starts when we have to make our way out of Melbourne. On our way out we went into Luna Park. I went on a lot of the rides there. It took us 1 day and a half to get out of Melbourne.

Then we had to get the rest of the way out of Victoria, that took another 2 days.

As we went through Sydney, we climbed the ‘ Sydney Harbour Bridge’. It was really high and it was scary. After that we were a bit hot so we went and got some ice-creamin a cone, and ate them while we had a rest. When we finished them we were back to the hike. It was getting late so we went to find somewhere to set up camp for the night. The next day we were up and ready to make the rest of the way out of Sydney. That took us 2 and a half days.

Once we were out of Sydney we made our way out of New South Wales. On our way, we were walking on the footpath and out of the bushers came a kangaroo. It was very funny because we both jumped, when it jumped out in frount of us. It took us 2 and a half days to get out of New South Wales.

We were out of New South Wales and that ment we only had a day and a half to go. We were almost there.

My mum, brother and sister were making their way over by plane, so when we get there we can be as a family.

We did not sleep that night because we were so close. At 7am the next morning we were there. We were so excited and tierd. We were spending 1 week up there. We did a lot of cool things, like going to the beach and going to the pools.

And that was my adventure story.




Adventure Story

There I was playing with my pen, bored as always, all I could hear over and over and over in my head was maths MATHS MATHS!!! I hate maths and Mrs Lindsmore is soooo boring. BING BING BING there goes the bell FINALLY! That was a nightmare.

 “Michaela Hale please come and see me now” said Mrs Lindsmore in a croaky voice that I can’t stand

 “OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH” the class screamed willing to see what she was going to say to me.

 “Silence everyone go to your next class please”

” Yes Mrs Lindsmore have I done something wrong?” I asked

“Yes you have done something wrong, you are always day-dreaming in class and today is diffently not the first time you have been caught day-dreaming in maths classes sooo, you get 5 hours dentention every Saturday for the rest of the year I am sick and Tired of it Michaela!!!”

“WWWWHHHHAAAATTTT” I replied shocked

“You heard now go,go”

I went home reallu upset I was just about to turn down Polker Avenue, when ever I see Polker Avenue I think about England because Polker Avenue is also in England when I saw a girl playing harmlessly on the swings outside her house I wished that I was her.

I woke up hearing a unfamiler voice just above me.

“Cynthia, Cynthia wake up darling”

“I am not Cynthia Mum”

I opened my eyes starring right into two big blue, unfamiler eyes. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” I screamed running as fast as I could out of so called Cynthia’s bed and downstairs into a Billards room, I turned around running straight into a choclate fountain SPLASH chocolate went everywhere!

“Darling, are you alright? Oh no not your new satin pyjamas! All well I can always buy you a new pair! Off you go and get dressed to go to school I thought you that you thought you weren’t in England anymore”

A billards room and a chocolate fountain these people must be rich, I might get anything that I want I thought. I opened the wardrobe doors, all the clothes were hideous pink frilly dresses and long grey skirts.

In Australia Cynthia was not happy either “Where is my chocolate fountain I am going to scream if you do not get it!!!”  Cynthia was a terrible screaming and she had a lot of practice. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH” The windows rattled, all the doors fell off and Michaela’s Mumm disappeared!

Michaela now Cynthia arrived at school and the 1st 5 minutes was horrible all the girls walking around saying La Di Da and in their fancy clothes and the teachers don’t get me started with the teachers the yelled at me because they thought that my dress was ugly! I WANT TO GO HOME!!!!

Days were flying past and I was still living the life as Cynthia! But one night I cryed myself to sleep, desperatly wanting to go home! But when could I?

When I woke up I was in maths class listening to BORING Mrs Lindsmore, but I would rather be with Mrs Lindsmore then over in England any day!!!!!