My adventure into the giant maze. By Samuall

I’m in my suit, packed and ready for my big adventure into the maze. I was chosen for the biggest event of the century. I arrived on the field and on the field was a hedge that had been magically grown as if by a wizard. It was massive, at least 30 feet tall. There were three entries. So there must be three competitors.

Twenty minutes later we were about to begin but we had to wait for the judge. The other competitors names were Ashiley and Danielson. Ashiley was British and Danielson was Australian but his parents were from Ireland.

The judge finally arrives and gets things organized and asks Ashiley, Danielson and me to line up at the entrances and warned them of the danger that lays inside. “On my whistle you will go into the maze and in the middle of the maze lies a case, but you’ll have to find what lies in the case yourselves,” he says, ” So on your marks, get set, GO!” He blow his whistle.

The journey into the maze had started and I started to run. The further I went, the darker it gets. Then In the darkness something was growing, getting bigger and bigger and taking form. Then it struck me, it was a giant spider, but I was ready for this because I had a rope in my bag. So I grabbed my rope out of my bag, and as quickly ran around the spider and tight end the rope to make the spider fall. I ran as fast as possible away from the spider.

About ten minutes later I came to the next challenge. It was a giant hole in the ground. I new I had to climb over on the sides. So I went to the left side and started to climb across. It was getting harder to move and I started slipping. I had lost my footing and fell and the next thing I know I hit solid ground and nearly dislocated my shoulder.  It was weird because I was on the hole, but now    I’m on it, it looks like it was painted by a really good artist. So it must have been a trick. Then, at that moment I heard a scream! Ashiley must be near the spider.

20 minutes later; I was getting closer, I could feel it. It was 3 square miles big. I turned right and then I saw it, it was the case. I started running towards it but then I heard footsteps growing louder. Then Danielson popped out of nowhere and slammed his fist into my gut and kneed me in the face. He had broken my nose and winded me. While I was gaping for breath I grabbed his leg and tripped him. I got up and touched the case. Next thing I know I am in front of the hedge. I heard an applause. I opened the case found a slip of paper and it was cheque for $10,000 dollars. I was so happy but Danielson slapped me in the face and next thing I know I was woken up from a glorious dream.                                

                                                                                                                                                                             The End

5 thoughts on “My adventure into the giant maze. By Samuall

  1. nice stroy sam little to much going on in there $10,000 dollars are a little wired if your going thorugh a maze with a big spider in it but over all reall good.

  2. Sam! AWESOME story! I liked the way you put in so much detail and adjectives.

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