Katie’s Adventure Story!!

The colored Maze!   by Katie

One day my sister, Barbara , and I went to a maze in Arthur’s Seat. It was a colored maze it looked like this:



There where  tires with a piece of wood in a circular shape on top of the Tyre, there were colored metal bars connecting  the tires. The colors of the tires were Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Barbara  read the sign that was out the front of the maze and said to me “OK Katie the order that we have to do this in is Blue, Red, Yellow and then Green… So are you ready to go?” and I said ” you bet…. lets GO!” So we went into the maze  and the first one we had to step on was Red.I turned to Barbara and said ” Barbs this doesn’t make any sense, the order is blue, red, yellow, green and how are we meant to start if the first one here is Red?” And Barbara answered with “I don’t  know maybe the order is wrong!?” and I said but what if it inst? And we can’t get out anyway. So how will we know?” And then Barbara started to look puzzled…

Barbara found a solution to the problem and said to me “What if we started somewhere else!?” and I said”that’s a great  idea!!” So we walked to another spot.This time it started with blue,so we started to walk on the metal bar when we got to the next tyre instead of tanbark underneath us there was water and another sign!  We read the  sign and the sign said the following: you have now reached the end of that pattern, you may now change the pattern to pink, purple, magenta then orange! But be careful if you fall into the water you will be eaten by the sharks!!!! So we walked onwards!

When we reached the middle of the maze the scene had changed to the beach and the sign had come back this time  it said, while you enjoy the scene and collect sea shells  change the pattern to Silver,Gold,Bronze and then Black but be careful of the lifeguard if he sees you you will have to go back to the start! So we walked onwards.

When we got to the third last tyre the tanbark came back and everything was back the way it was when we entered the maze but something was different there was another sign post that read: thank you for visiting the magic maze come back soon! so we left!!




When Shannon, Wade and I were on ‘facebook’  we got a message from agent seal, ” Hi this is agent seal would you like to meet up some time agent walrus, buffalo and monkey. Shannon said, “What if it is a set up”. Wade said, “I know this guy and he wouldn’t do that.”

When we got to the ‘Downtown’ alley there was no body there,We turned around we saw a light, Whats that I said this is the ‘Polcie’ put your hands behind your head get in the car.

Back at the police station we were arrested for killing, selling drugs and lots of other things, we were sentenced to 20 years in jail. “WHAT  I’m not staying here for 20 years so your saying we should break out”? said Shannon HELL YEAH what was that noise?BOOOM its Brodie my hero I’m busting you out right now lets just sneak out the back door.

We sprinted out the back door, all the cops were shooting at us, we dived into the cop car and drove back to my place, we opened the front door bang it was agent seal he shot wade so i pulled out my Glock bang bang he was dead for sure me and Shannon saw a pizza on the table we dived to the table we ate every last piece.

My Adventure

Today was the big day. Me, Brodie, Ben and Shannon were going to go camping at our favourite place in the world Jamison. Brodie owns private property there with a river a tree with a swing but no toilet only a dunny with v8 bitter. spray painted on it I never understood why that was there. There is also a fire pit where we make huge fires but the old lady next door always calls the CFA who tells us to put it out.

Every first night we walk up a huge hil to the pub for dinner which has a claw machine. Where brodie wastes all his money and never wins anything. After we came back from the pub we set up our tents and got some shut eye. I woke up in the middle of the night and moved my tent a little bit and when i woke up they started calling it berwick. That day we all had a bacon burger for brekfast then walkede up to the old bridge past the old ladies house. When we got to the bridge we got our inflatable rafts and went down the river it was loads of fun it took us about two hours until floated back to the camp sight. But we acceidently floated to the other end so we had to walk a few metres. Then we came to this tiny little bridge that we had to wal over but we all jumped out the way except for Shannon we yelled “STOP!!!” but shannon kept on walking then he stepped on the thing we all jumped away from a Red Belly Black snake Shannon yelled like never befoer and the snake slitherd under the bridge “that was a close one Shannon” i know he said “lets go back to camp to have some lunch” “ok” we all agreed. That night we made a huge fire and roasted marshmallows then we all heard somthing we were all scared. “what was that” we all said we looked around and saw two bnig bright lights coming towards us we all ran out of the way but ben just stood there and said. “relax its justr a car for all we know it could be Marko” but it wasnt it was the CFA “dammit we all yelled “this a big fire u got here”the man said “now you are allowed to make fires but this is a bon fire” and we all laughed . But he told us to put it out so we got a bucket and got water from the river and throught it on the fire.  ” you folks have a good night now “you too” then we went to our tents for some shut eye but for me it was my tent they like to call Berwick.

Today was the day we all had to go home we packed all our stuff together in the car and got ready to leave but the night before it had been raining so when we got to the gate we got bogged. So me Brodie and Shannon were pushing the car when ben steered we all pushed as hard as we could and thank god the car moved so we all got in and drove up the hill. We stopped at the pub for one last lunch and a few goes at the claw machine. Brodie had two bucks to use on the claw machine Brodie kissed his coin for good luck . On his first try he picked up a purple hippo but dropped it right next to the box but he still had one more shot and won the purple hippo “yes sweet justice yes !!!! well i think we can go now” so we all went home with four large drinks and half an hour later we all had to pee the end .

Shannon’s Adventure Story

Once there was a boy named Shannon and his best friends Ryley, Gussy, Jaime, Trussy and Brodie. He liked to hang out with them all a lot. One day they were all at Gussy’s house playing playstation 3.

“Hey guys this isn’t fair give me a shot” said Brodie.

“No Brodie I said after we finish the mission” said Gussy

“but you’ve tried 500 times it isn’t fair”. Gussy said

Brodie and Gussy were fighting over the remote for about 5 minutes when Brodie knocked the class of coke all over the PlayStation.

“Oh nice one you owe me a new playstation”said Gussy angrily “and a new Call of Duty Black Ops game”

“Ah guys you might want to take a look at this” I said in a frightened way

“Oh what now,  whoa”

The playstation was sparking and before we knew it we were zapped into the game.


“Whoa, were are we I said nervously”

“It looks like WERE IN THE GAME” Ryley said

“And were is Angus and Brodie” Trussy said

“Either they didn’t get zapped in or there in a different place” I said

Are any of you guys focusing on whats going on and what has happened to us were in the hardest level of the game” said Ryley

“OH OH here  they come”


Wade’s Adventure Story

Once there were three agents called  agent Wade , Ben and Shannon we became secret agents in a weird way you see i am agent Wade  and  Ben and Shannon are my friends   as i was saying we all became agents in a weird way i was on my computer when it went all weird and it said that i have to meet agent seal , buffalo and monkey at a specific location.And the message also said not to tell a soul about this it also said to get two of my most trusted friends so i chose Ben and Shannon to come with me.

Ben, Shannon an I got to the location at  eight thirty sharp we saw nobody here

 “agent Buffalo , Seal and Monkey we are here where are you” Shannon said trying to see if anyone was there.

“lets go it seems like no body is here” said Ben angrily.

“Stop and put your hands up” shouted a voice.

“this is the Police put your hands up” he repeated.

“no” i shouted

“run” said a voice.

“that’s agent buffalo”said Shannon.


“they are not cops they are evil agents disguised as police”said agent seal.

“now run”said agent monkey

“that was a close won”i said

“i know”said agent Shannon

“we have to get them back” said Ben

“lets go ” i said

“but how will we find them?” said Ben

“ha i put a tracker on the car so we could find them” said Shannon


we got to the head quarters an hour later with our gear

“there they are” said Ben

“there is no guards there either” i said

“wait we can  blow up the base with this c4 ” said Ben

“where  in  the name of sanaty did you get those explosives?”i said

” who cares lets get the agents back” said shannon

we snuck up and got agent seal , buffalo and monkey

slowly the bombs went of blowing up one section at a time.

and that was our first mission.

My adventure into the giant maze. By Samuall

I’m in my suit, packed and ready for my big adventure into the maze. I was chosen for the biggest event of the century. I arrived on the field and on the field was a hedge that had been magically grown as if by a wizard. It was massive, at least 30 feet tall. There were three entries. So there must be three competitors.

Twenty minutes later we were about to begin but we had to wait for the judge. The other competitors names were Ashiley and Danielson. Ashiley was British and Danielson was Australian but his parents were from Ireland.

The judge finally arrives and gets things organized and asks Ashiley, Danielson and me to line up at the entrances and warned them of the danger that lays inside. “On my whistle you will go into the maze and in the middle of the maze lies a case, but you’ll have to find what lies in the case yourselves,” he says, ” So on your marks, get set, GO!” He blow his whistle.

The journey into the maze had started and I started to run. The further I went, the darker it gets. Then In the darkness something was growing, getting bigger and bigger and taking form. Then it struck me, it was a giant spider, but I was ready for this because I had a rope in my bag. So I grabbed my rope out of my bag, and as quickly ran around the spider and tight end the rope to make the spider fall. I ran as fast as possible away from the spider.

About ten minutes later I came to the next challenge. It was a giant hole in the ground. I new I had to climb over on the sides. So I went to the left side and started to climb across. It was getting harder to move and I started slipping. I had lost my footing and fell and the next thing I know I hit solid ground and nearly dislocated my shoulder.  It was weird because I was on the hole, but now    I’m on it, it looks like it was painted by a really good artist. So it must have been a trick. Then, at that moment I heard a scream! Ashiley must be near the spider.

20 minutes later; I was getting closer, I could feel it. It was 3 square miles big. I turned right and then I saw it, it was the case. I started running towards it but then I heard footsteps growing louder. Then Danielson popped out of nowhere and slammed his fist into my gut and kneed me in the face. He had broken my nose and winded me. While I was gaping for breath I grabbed his leg and tripped him. I got up and touched the case. Next thing I know I am in front of the hedge. I heard an applause. I opened the case found a slip of paper and it was cheque for $10,000 dollars. I was so happy but Danielson slapped me in the face and next thing I know I was woken up from a glorious dream.                                

                                                                                                                                                                             The End

All about mateo


Welcome back to 97.7fm the sound of the south east berwick lodge student hour Hi my name is mateo and I am going to tell you about how I have been playing soccer for dandenong city soccer clubI have been playing for 6 years I play Striker. And now I am going to talk about my family I’ve got a mum named Mery a dad named Ivan and a sister. What is you sisters name? My sister is Karla. Oh I forgot to tell you my age, I am 11 years old. Now we are going to play another song. Its called Hey soul sister by train. Hope you like it. 

This term the grade 5/6 are working on aisan studies and sofar we prented that we had are one pasportmost op aus thort thet we where gowing on a plan but we dident .and we went to Japan,Sri lanka, Bangladesh,Thailand,Malaysia,China,India. That was aboutmy hobis and are project


Floods are smaller than a tsunami and at the same time bigger than a rivers bank.  Floods make us our homes, our land, our health and our animals sick. Some floods are very big and they can carry germs and many people get sick and many people get very sick and die. There are three main types of floods River floods, Flash floods and Coastal floods. River floods are caused by a lot of rain and rivers or streams can’t carry away all of the water so the banks burst when that happens a river flood occurs and flood. Flash flood is caused by a sudden thunder storm or cloud burst and a flash flood is a very fast flood. The fastest type of the three types of floods is the flash flood. Coastal floods are caused by tornados, cyclones and hurricanes. Many people in countries who live next to the beach and can die in coastal floods.


Chloes Adventure Story

As Chloe and Michaela took Jasper the dog for a walk on a beautiful Sunday morning they walked the Enchanted maze garden. As they walked past the big iron gates the gates swung open. Chloe said to Michaela,” should we go in?” Michaela replied back “if your game I’m game”. They both decided to enter with Jasper trailing behind. As they entered the gates closed behind them.
The girls looked up to see a sign post Fairy lookout to the left, Magic Mushroom to the right and Lollipop lane straight ahead. Chloe chose Lollipop lane, Michaela said sounds good to me. So the two girls held hands and skipped of down the path. Then all of a sudden the path became very windy and thin, the walls of the hedges got higher they felt very closed in they had to let go of each other to squeeze down the path. Chloe decided to let Jasper go first. Jasper saw something ahead of him so he ran to see what it was. Chloe and Michalea ran to catch up with him, Jasper had found a rabbit in a tree. Chloe said how did a rabbit get in the  tree? The rabbit said “hi I’m Zoe the fairy rabbit”. The rabbit flew down and said I will help you get to lollipop lane. So both girls followed the rabbit. On the way they passed lots of animals that all talked and had wings.
They finally reached lollipop lane HOORAY THEY SHOUTED! Chloe went of and picked herself a toffee apple from the apple tree. While Michaela stuffed her face with sour worms from the compost bin. Chloe looked to find Jasper she looked around and there he was drinking from the chocolate river.
The girls tried everything they could get there hands on. Before they knew it, it was getting dark so Chloe said we better find our way out of here. Chloe and Michaela started walking the way they came but everything looked different. The girls started to panic when all of a sudden a rainbow appeared. Chloe and Michaela decided to go over the rainbow they struggle to get up it and as they reach the top Chloe held Jasper sat down and slid the whole way down Michaela followed closely behind. Chloe and Michaela were so excited when they reached the bottom as there was a big pot of gold coin, as Chloe took a hand full she realised they were chocolate coins. As she looked up to tell Michaela to grab some she could see the big iron gates opening behind her. They grabbed Jasper and hurried home to tell their mothers all about their adventure in the Enchanted Maze Garden.